Jenny Potter

TeamTLC tender loving carers began holding our “Wellbeing Day’s” for carers of people living with Younger Onset Dementia, nearly three years ago. We are currently planning our 7th event at The Monastery. In all this time, we have always found whoever we have dealt with, to be so very supportive, accommodating, understanding and most of all compassionate.

We keep going back to The Monastery for the ambience of the whole premises. From the moment the carers drive through the gates and get out of their cars, we have heard so many times comments about, “how they feel so much more relaxed, and like they are in another world, not still in the suburbs of Adelaide”. Also for them, walking in the Sacred Garden is just wonderful.   The buildings and different choices of comfortable rooms, makes it so very easy for us, as our needs can vary from event to event. On every occasion, we have always received very positive feedback regarding the meals that are prepared for our carers. There are many menu choices.

It is always so easy to organise an event at The Monastery, as you know everything will be taken care of, and run so smoothly.

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