Frequently Asked Questions

What is perpetuity?

This means indefinitely and there are no renewal fees.

What are the ongoing costs?

There are none.  Your fee covers the cost of administration, looking after the garden and the plaque.

Do I or my loved one need to be a practicing Catholic?

No.  All faiths are welcome.  Providing you adhere to the general concepts of peace and dignity, and to your fellow man, you can apply to have a Memorial Allotment at The Monastery.

Can I RESERVE a plot for myself or a family member before I die?

Yes.  However, an initial plot must be purchased and paid in full by a Spouse or dependent child under the age of 18. Then you are able to reserve an additional plot for a fee of $500 to reserve the plot for a maximum of 12 months. The deposit will be deducted from the final cost.  The fee is set at the time of the final purchase, not at the time of reservation.  The reservation payment is not refundable if the purchase is cancelled.

Link to Memorial Garden Reservation Application Form

Can I PURCHASE a plot for myself or a family member before I die?

Yes. Purchasing ahead of time also provides the opportunity to secure specific locations so that the memorials of family members will be positioned together.  This gives peace of mind, knowing that requests will be honoured and the burden on family members will be removed from making difficult decisions at an emotional time.

There are a variety of garden positions available so that you can choose the aspect you feel most comfortable with.

If my spouse is buried elsewhere, can I be interred in The Memorial Garden?

Yes.  It is your choice, but you need to discuss it with your family to enable you to be happy with your decision.

Can I scatter ashes over the garden?

No, the scattering of ashes is prohibited on the Monastery grounds 

Can I place mementos such as flowers, toys urns etc.?

No.  To preserve the garden effect and the tranquil nature, these are not allowed. Flowers may be placed, but they must be removed after one week.

What are the costs involved?

A single plot costs $5000.  These fees are reviewed annually and are all-inclusive. The fees for this service are not tax-deductable and are not subject to GST.
Securing memorial positions at today’s prices is a key advantage for many families. By planning ahead you will be protected against future price increases and the burden on family members will be removed at an emotional time.

Prices and payment terms will be reviewed regularly and are subject to change without notice

What happens to the fee?

25% goes directly to The Passionist Order here in South Australia.  Essentially this is a lease fee as they own the land.
Up to 25% goes to the cost of the plaque, administration fees and maintenance of the garden.
The remaining 50% goes into a secure Trust Fund, separate from The Passionist Order, for future expenses.

How long does the process take?

We encourage you to take the time needed to discuss this decision with your family.  From the time of payment, it takes a minimum of four weeks for the plaque to be made and the paperwork to be completed.

How many words can I place on the plaque?

The plaques are a set size of 149mm x 111mm, to maintain uniformity.
It is suggested that you have 5 lines, but you can put as many as you like, but remember the letters may become very small.


Can I complete this process remotely, e.g. email/telephone if I am interstate/overseas?

Yes.  Please submit a booking enquiry form to commence the process. Email to

Enquiry Form Link

Do I need to have a committal service?

No.  But you may choose to have a committal service performed by one of the Passionist priests or a priest of your choice.  Please negotiate with Monastery staff prior to internment day.

Link to Interment and/or Committal Service Application Form

Any further questions?

If you have any further questions please contact either Nadine Pike or Donna Cooper at the Monastery on 8338 8700 or alternatively approach members of the committee: Alastair Goss, Alison Goss, Mary-Anne Andermah, Damien Young,  Fr Tony Egar or Fr Denis Travers; or email requesting a committee member contact you.

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