The following Policies have been agreed by the Passionist Memorial Garden Committee (PMGC) and are to be read in conjunction with the PMGC Terms of Reference.


Sales and Pricing

  1. The pricing of Allotments sold is set by the PMGC from time to time to reflect the operational costs of the garden and market conditions, currently $ 5,000 for the allotment.
  2. The allotment sales price will not be discounted

Reservation of Allotments

  1. Allotments may be reserved but only when a prior allotment has been sold to an immediate Family member.
  2. The price of reserving Allotments is set by the PMGC from time to time to reflect the garden operating costs and market conditions – currently $ 500. Reservation fees will be rebated from the prevailing Allotment fee.
  3. Allotment may be reserved for a period of 12 months only.


  1. Payment for allotments sold and reserved is to be received within 30 days of the issuance of an invoice.  Payments may be made over a period of 12 months in the form of quarterly payments.
  2. A cooling-off period of 14 days will apply for allotments sold.  A full refund of fees paid will apply during this period.

Interment of Ashes

  1.  Only one interment is permitted per allotment.
  2. Ashes are not to be scattered in the Memorial Garden or within the grounds of the Monastery.
  3. The cost of any interment service is met by the Licensee.



  1. License Agreements are prepared in duplicate by the Bursar of the Monastery to reflect requests for allotments and are issued along with an invoice for the allotment[s] sold.  Agreements are signed by the Licensee, a Passionist appointed by the Passionist Community and upon return from the Licensee, a representative of the PMGC
  2. A duplicate copy of the License will be retained until full payment for the allotment[s] has been received.
  3. The PMGC retains the right to cancel a License Agreement if the conditions of the agreement are not met.



  1. A set of financial records will be maintained to accurately reflect the financial standing of the PMGC and these records shall be audited annually to ensure compliance with Australian Accounting Standards.
  2. A financial budget will be determined prior to the commencement of the new financial year to set a direction for the PMGC’s annual activities
  3. Bi-monthly reports will be supplied to the PMGC that will comprise:-
  •  1.  Year to date (prior months end) Profit and Loss Statement compared with budget projections
  •  2.  Balance Sheet for the same period
  •  3.  Allotments sold year to date against budget
  •  4.  Bank Account balances
  •  5.  Investment funds

Management of Funds

  1. Funds raised through the sale of Allotments will be invested and managed by the PMGC


  1. Costs / expenditure outside routine will be referred to the PMGC for authorisation


Annual audit

  1. An auditor will be appointed to conduct an annual audit of the financial records of the Memorial Garden
  2. The Bursar will supply a Journal of Accounts, Profit and Loss Statement, Balance Sheet, and copies of invoices and bank statements for the Auditor to review for the audit.
  3. The final audit report  will be provided to the Passionist Fathers Provincial Office for review



  1. A permanent record of allotments that are available for sale will be maintained. Currently there are 400 allotments available for sale. Local Council Agreement is required to expand that number.

  2. A permanent record of interments will be maintained (Sales,  Plaques,  Reservations & Placement)

  3. A plan of the Memorial Garden and Interment locations will be maintained by the Bursar

Scattering of Ashes

The unauthorized scattering or placement of ashes within the Memorial Garden (and the Monastery Grounds generally) is not permitted.

Risk Management

  1. Policies and Procedures of the PMGC are determined, agreed and maintained by the committee to maintain a professional standard for the Memorial Garden.
  2. The PMGC retains the right to redesign the layout of the Memorial Garden
  3. The PMGC will assess the risks associated with maintaining and operating the Garden and will take remedial / corrective action where required . A formal review of potential risks will be carried out every 2 years – the next review is due June 2020.


A committee appointed by the Passionist Community will oversee the development and implementation of the Memorial Garden Policies . The makeup and function of the Committee is described in the Committee Terms Of Reference (TOR )


Type, Construction & Instructions

  1. Plaques must conform to the standard set by the PMGC . Currently all plaques must be prepared by Lucy Engravers, size 14.9cm by 11.1cm and made of bronze. The wording must not be more than 5 lines comprising 24 characters (including spaces) per line or such other length and form approved by the PMGC.  No symbols are to be incorporated within the script of the plaque.
  2. Written instructions for plaques to be placed along the walkway of the garden are to be received in writing from the Licensee.  The cost of plaques is met by the PMGC.
  3. A permanent record of interment is maintained by the Bursar.
  4. When a plaque is ready for placement the Licensee will be advised and invited to attend to confirm the details on the Plaque and its positioning in the Garden



  1. Complaints and grievances are to be referred to the PMGC for resolution at the earliest opportunity.

Confidentiality & Privacy

  1. The PMGC will comply with the principals of the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988.
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