Compassion for all

Pastoral Care is central to the mission of the parish of St Paul of the Cross.  Our mission statement challenges us to respond to all with compassion and this includes those who are not regular worshippers at either the Monastery or St Raphael’s.

If you or someone you know finds themselves in need of any assistance please contact the Parish office and if we are personally unable to respond, we will assist in arranging appropriate help.


The Parish has a large number of dedicated volunteers who make up our Communion and pastoral visitors. They visit those who are housebound and the many retirement village/nursing homes in the parish boundaries.

Privacy laws prevent the retirement establishments from passing on information regarding residents, so it is up to family/friends to notify us of anyone who would like to be visited.

Hospital Visits

From time to time the Chaplains and their teams who provide pastoral care at the public hospitals become aware that a person who has been admitted to hospital has not shared this information at the local Parish level (for various reasons). This means that ongoing pastoral care for that person may be easily overlooked, particularly when discharged from hospital. if you are to be admitted to hospital, inform a member of the Parish team for further support. if you choose, the Parish can also share this information with the respective Chaplain in advance, for visits.

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