About the Passionists

Welcome to the website for the Passionist Community, Adelaide. We are a group of men and women who believe that the greatest sign of God’s love for us, was the Passion and Death of his son, Jesus. We believe that no one is separated from God’s love. Thank you for coming and sharing a small part of our story.

Me? A Passionist

Are you called to be a Passionist?

“The Passion of Jesus is the Greatest Sign of God’s Love.”

Passionist men and women are ever mindful of God’s love.


  • Preach the Passion of Jesus;
  • Reach out to all in times good and bad;
  • Are at the forefront of the world’s suffering—today’s crucified; and
  • Minister passionately the power of love.

Pope John Paul II said in 2000:

“The death of Christ is the source from which you Passionists must draw your own spirituality in a very particular way: to love where it is most difficult to love.”

Since St. Paul of the Cross founded The Passionists in the 18th century, they have grown into a family of Priests, Brothers, Sisters and Companions.

To speak about becoming a Passionist or to receive more information about the Passionist Charism, please contact:

Our Team at
Be A Passionist

Alternatively, contact:
Passionist Vocations Director
Fr Kevin Hennessy

or Holy Cross Centre (03) 98466014

Further Information: 
Australia: Passionist Australia Voctions
International www.passionistworld.org

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