Jesus is nailed to the Cross

The two workmen in this Station carry out their task of execution, the one grim and determined, the other showing perhaps, some concern for Jesus, tools of their trade lying on the rock before them. Above them the Priest with his scroll appears for the last time. The fold of Jesus’ loin cloth drapes across the rock while his arms lie in waiting for the nails. Criminals could be either roped or nailed to their cross, and here we see Jesus nailed through the palm of the hands, whereas the Shroud and medical inquiry would indicate an excruciating wrist nailing. All flowers are conspicuous by their absence.

Until demolished in the 1970’s, the old cow bale here and the earlier gardener’s cottage, accompanied sheds on the cement pads nearby – for carpentry, electrical work and sandal making. The Passionist students’ tennis and basketball court lay off to the left, while the ancient stone wall to the right marks an original boundary of “The Glen”.

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