Jesus falls the second time

Judging by the concern on his face, it may be Simon still who struggles to lift the Cross for Jesus, but despite the assistance, the body of Jesus succumbs to the pain, and collapses again. Another guard shows impatience as he pulls at Jesus to get him to his feet. Note the muscles and sinews in the guard’s arms, the fine detail in the beards. Study the face of Christ; one can almost feel the pain. But the group is dwarfed by a clearly Jewish figure, scroll in hand, frowning grimly from above. Is this scroll the INRI notice for the Cross, or is it again a symbolic Jewish figure, now holding forth the claims of the Law over the claims of Jesus? On this Station we look in vain for a flower.

As we pass through the hedge, the fence before us marks the new border of Monastery land that previously included the houses and Frome Reserve. A path wound through an olive grove, down along Glen Osmond creek and back up to the Monastery. Along it were spaced simple crosses that marked an earlier Stations of the Cross, three of which now stand at the entrance to the Sacred Garden. We will see them again as we depart.

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